01 August 2008


It is important to choose a hyip you can trust because your hard earned money is involved. So, to prevent yourself from unnecessary fraud and scams, it is important that you check out your hyip before dumping in any serious money into it.

There are many hyips who claim they can help you ‘trade’ your money and help you make lucrative and high income in the hyip world. Many of them claim to be expert traders in foreign exchange, commodities, stocks, and many more, but in reality, they are an average joe just like you who do not know anything or have any experience in trading.

Here are some simple and basic tips to help you avoid fraud and scam hyips: Review – try searching online for reviews on the particular hyip you plan to join. You can find hyip reviews on hyip bulletins, hyip portals, or hyip blogs. If the hyip that you are interested in could be reliable (at least will not run away before completing even one cycle), chances are other people will give good feed back about them. But bear in mind, if the person writes a review of a hyip which also his advertiser, you can’t rely on that review as it may provide you with misleading information.

Customer support – If something goes wrong for some reason and getting support is almost impossible, you do not want to wait too long because that could mean the difference a profit or a loss. Make sure you always be able to reach support whenever you need regardless via email, phone, or even instant messenger.

Testimonials and feed back – Search for feed back and find out what other players are saying about this hyip. You can find them on hyip related public forums and players’ voted on the monitors. If possible, try contacting some of the players that’s given testimonies to verify that these are real testimonials. Anyone can put fake feed back on a website about how wonderful the hyip is especially from those fake forum posters and monitor voters hired by the scam hyip admins or hyip owners.

Security – Your privacy and the security of personal data should be your first priority because your playing will be done via online. To prevent your private data from being stolen always make sure the hyip has at least a genuine SSL certificate.

Hyip background – You should always check the hyip background to make sure they are easy to contact, and to check whether the former scam hyip admin comes back or the same scammer is running multiple scam hyips.

Test spend plan – Most hyips offer a test spend plan that you can try out until you are ready to make larger deposits. This is an important step to take until you are sure you know what you are doing. When you are ready to make more deposits, make sure that your maximum deposit is within your budget.

You should treat a test spend plan as a way to learn and gain experience on how to play in the hyip world and that’s it. They will not indicate if you can win at hyip playing or not as there is no pressure as only small amount of money is at stake. Therefore, never assume if you win with a test spend plan, you will win with big amount on other types of hyip plans.

Multiple deposits – Most hyips allow you to make multiple or as many deposits as you want into any of hyip plan that he offers, and players are tempted to try them all, less control their account and when even a small problem arises within the hyip could wipe them out. The fact is new players are losing control quite easily, and they are guaranteed to lose. You should not use it all, as less control means more risk. Deposit into one plan per hyip is enough for all of your chosen hyips in your portfolio.

Small initial deposit – Most hyip admins or hyip owners will take just $5 and this is the equivalent of flipping a coin. Normal changes in the hyip cycle will wipe this out quickly. Therefore, you should have a cash reserve.

Hyip research – Well hyip admins or hyip owners is not going to help you win, but at least you can determine the potential scammer in advance and many of the critical information to help you play you can find online for free.

Your hyip game is on scammers’ books and when you lose they win. 95% of players lose, so that’s a lot of money they can make. It is up to you to get in the winning 5% and that means being sensible with control, your initial deposit, and standing on your own two feet, with your own hyip playing plans and strategies.

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