21 September 2009

Enceng Bin Munawwar

Double Your Sales Now

Yesterday I received an email from marketers who have experience in the field that offers a variety of products, most of the products they offer is a digital product, software and ebook. This offer is very interesting because usually they will give a free ebook about how to make money online on the internet, seo optimization, tricks to get leads, Clickbank and other tips. Once we are given a free ebook, we will directed to register with their affiliate link and you usually have to pay per month, big membership fees vary, from tens to hundreds of dollars.

After I observed, in some email I received from marketers friends, there is one thing in common, they use email marketing service like iContact to offer products to consumers like me. I do not know why they use email marketing software because I think the most effective promotion is by placing ads on websites that already has a good reputation (high Google Pr and Good Alexa rank), using the Google adword and classified ads site, paid or free.

Online marketing experts believe that this email marketing strategy can increase sales up to 100%, really great strategy, and worth to try if you have the urge to jump on the online business world. There are other good news, iContact provides a free 15 day trial to try their services. So what are you waiting for? Double your sales with iContact

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