27 January 2011

Enceng Bin Munawwar

Bypassing Facebook and Twitter blocks by Users in Egypt

With the return of opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei to Cairo is expected to intensify protests in Egypt, and reports that Twitter and Facebook are blocked in the country by the Egyptian government continues to come to the surface through the social network itself, and according to HerdictWeb. Users also reported that SMS - short message service - blocked as well.

Many users bypassing the block through a proxy server and third-party applications, although Twitter and Facebook are blocked. Here is how they do it.

Third Party Applications & Mobile
Social mobile applications such as UberTwitter or Blackberry for Twitter still work for users in this country. In addition, users use third-party applications such as HootSuite and TweetDeck to update their Twitter and Facebook status.

Proxy Sites
Accessing blocked sites via proxy server seems to be the most common way that users pass through the block. Twitter PR admit even traffic from egypt is reduced, the user enters a proxy and application for the tweet. To be able to access up users in this country share a different proxy sites, such as proxy-Service.de, which allow access to blocked sites. The only drawback to using these services is that you should put the bar at the top of the ad, and this is how they make money to support their services.

Many users also use free proxy software such as Hotspot Shield or Tor. You should download each software to your computer and then click the "connect" before you start, but allows users to browse the web anonymously

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