01 August 2008


Apply these elements in your hyip playing plans and strategies

If you want to win, check that your hyip playing plans and strategies contain all the elements below, if it does not, you will end up with the vast majority of losers.

1. Your method – Most players think they can simply take someone else’s method and follow it blindly and do not question the reason so here are three sure fire ways to lose doing this.

i. Following your favorite monitors and join the hyips which those monitors mark as paying.

ii. Following veterans or most active forum members because you think they must be some kind of ‘experts’ and any hyip they join, you should join too. iii. Following any hyips which have active forum threads and those threads contain lots of happy or satisfied or positive and paid posts regardless whether those posts are fishy or not.

The above are what the majority of players do and they lose. Your method means one that you understand from top to bottom and can have confidence in it and one you can follow with discipline. You need a method based on reasonable logic that you understand.

2. What advantage does your method give you – Ask yourself this question:

Why would I succeed when 95% of players lose? If you can’t give a good reason of why your method gives you an advantage over 95% of losing players, you simply do not have one, so continue with your hyip learning until you do.

3. Money management rules – Most people think money management is simply placing a hyip exit point but it is not. If you believe it is, you are going to lose. If you do not get your money management right in your plans and strategies, you are going to lose.

You need to have money management scheme for the entire hyip portfolio, you also need to deal with fast turn around of hyip cycles or volatility, you also need to have reasonable initial capital to start with and decide control on the portfolio.

How many players start with couple of hundreds, then double that money or so and get blown out of the water? The majority thinks that money management looks after itself, but the fact is - it does not. Money management is the base on which success is built; it needs plenty of attention.

4. What losing period are you expecting – to win you are going to have to cope with losing periods. Even the best plans and strategies will lose for weeks on end but you can’t give up; you should keep going through the losing period until you hit the home run.

Most players simply can’t do this, throw in the towel early and if they would have hung on, they would have been rewarded with profits. Understand this: if you want to win in hyip playing, you need to lose to win.

5. A road map to success – most players lose in hyip playing because they think its easy or are too lazy to do the basics and the fact is that hyip playing is not easy as most players lose.

Of course for the player prepared to put effort in to their hyip playing plans and strategies, the rewards can be lucrative or even life changing.

It is true that no once can predict the hyip world returns from day to day. Hyip world is nothing more than ‘a great big casino’. From one day to the next, changes in the hyip cycles are almost totally random. That’s why hyip playing is really nothing more than glorified coin flipping.

There is no single hyip keeps paying day after day. In the beginning, the hyip world is a voting machine, but when you start gaining experience, it is a weighing machine.

Hyips, due to high playing volume, are an online money making option with a lot of risk. With such high playing volume, it is quite possible that a player will not be able to complete even one hyip cycle and receive missing pay outs.

In addition, another thing that makes playing hyip risky is that finding accurate exit hyip point can be very difficult which greatly increases the chances a player could lose his entire money. Other risks that come with hyip playing include fraud and egold account being blocked.

So, in a nutshell, while playing in the hyip world offers players the opportunity to experience rapid gains that could be as high as several hundred percents in just a few days, they also offer the opportunity to experience severe loss and many hyip players end up losing all of the initial capital within short time.

You need simple plans and strategies, you can have confidence in and play with money management and discipline and this is the corner stone of your success.

If you understand the above you could soon be making big profits in the world most exciting and lucrative online money making opportunity. Work smart, keep it simple and adopt the mindset to win and hyip playing success can be yours.

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