08 September 2009

Enceng Bin Munawwar

Expert Advisor | File Extension Ex4

I was very confused when learn forex for first time, many of the terms of forex that I do not understand. Very difficult for me to read charts price that go up and down so quickly while the market opened. Seeing candlestik graph, bar charts and line charts complete my confusion. The difficulty to understand it makes me not know when to buy and sell accordingly. With advice of some senior friends, I tried trading using a demo account to learn more about the characteristics of a particular pair like EUROUSD, GBPUSD and GBPJPY.

In demo account I using MetaTrader software for trading. MetaTrader using file extension ex4 by default and already integrated , commonly called the expert advisor. Expert advisor allows users to do some data modification trading strategies , buy and sell triggers, short and long term goals and so on. File extension ex4 can be used to automate trading with various period. Users can freely create their own trading systems, modify and share expert advisorwith other users. The file extension ex4 make me easy to do the right investment and achieve a profit.

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