10 November 2015


Earning Benefit From Internet

Whaff Rewards is currently the MOST POPULAR APPLICATION and MOST SPECTACULAR in Android Smart Phone. Because this application can provide Reward dollars in Cash / directly to Android users who install this application. Another thing if you install Android applications which is not recommended by whaff , you will not get anything. That is what differentiates if you install whaff. In addition you can play the game as much you will get a dollar to fill your Paypal account for free, simple and very easy.

All people can do easily both Students, civil servants, private employees, Businessman, Assistant Household, Youth, high school student, Junior Student, even elementary school student, I sure can do it. As long as you can use Facebook then you can also install and get a dollar of whaff Rewards. You no need need to create a blog or website and then sign up for Google Adsense to get dollars.

Simply install whaff and enter the invitation code CF39404 you will immediately can start to earn dollars. When compared with other applications of dollars, Whaff Rewards is the most wanted Application at the moment. Because it is relatively easy and quickly to get dollars. These applications can be Tokopedia, bukalapak, OLX, LAZADA, ZALORA, READ, LINE, OPERA MAX, ALI Express etc.

For those who like play game, install and play applications recommended by whaff also will get a dollar. Such as the Baby Saga, Clash of Clans (COC), PIANO holic, World of Darkness, Castle Clash or the other. It is called as play daily earnings.The applications recommended by whaff there that can be played for 30 days. So for 30 days you do not need to uninstall the game or application. Except after the application is not making money anymore, you can delete it, in order to does not slow your Android.

So how, definitely can not wait right ?
1. Please prepare your Android Smart Phone, remember code CF39404.
2. Go to the following Playstore or Whaff Application.
3. Continue to install whaff Rewards, and open.

4. Once you open the app, login with your Facebook Account
5. You will be prompted to enter Invitation Code, then enter the code CF39404 and click OK.
6. This is important because if you do not enter this invitation code CF39404 code you can still log in / sign in but will not get your first dollars.
7. Up here you have successfully logged and get $ 0.3 dollars. Sometimes when promo you can get $0.5. And this is just your first dollar.

Afterward you will get your next dollars as explained as follows.

 How can you get a dollar after the completion of the installation and Login. Well there are a couple of ways, I will explain one by one.
 a. Install applications recommended by whaff to completion.
 b. Open Applications and play application (this is different from the install). It's called as "daily play". If the application is not able to generate dollars anymore, just delete it and replace with another application, recommended by whaff.

c. Beside daily play, you will also get daily rewards after play the applications.
d. Check Attendance. By clicking "check your attendance and get rewards" you will get a dollars.

e. Afterwards you will get dollars to install applications that exist on the Premium Picks. Dollar amount would you be will vary depending on the number of applications recommended by whaff.

8. In addition to Premium Picks. there is also a whiff Picks. There are also applications that are provided on page whaff Picks. You just click like the screenshot below and get dollars according to the number listed below.

Do it everyday just a few minutes and you will get a dollars everyday until you havecollected $10.5 to your Pay Pal Account.

And remember you are required to enter a code CF39404, if not, then you will not get $0.3 dollars after first login. This Code CF39404Earning Benefit From InternetEarning Benefit From Internet is only valid for one time only.

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