06 August 2008


Basic hyip psychology before you start earn extra money via hyip playing

The internet has changed the way we live our lives. One of the biggest changes is that we are now able to communicate with each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year without any barriers. A few years ago, making extra or side income had to be done by offline only. With the introduction of new concepts and technology, we are now able to play anytime of the day and night.

Some of the more common activities of online money making opportunities are hyip, autosurf, matrix, doubler, cycler, and many others. Previously, you would have to make cold calls or give treats to your potential clients before any sale could be done for you to earn part time income. So a lot of good times which you were supposed to spend with your family or friends were missed out. And also, you had to incur additional fuel, telephone, and entertainment costs. But still you failed to make extra money that you wanted and ended up making a loss.

Now the hyip world offers some sort of online hyip playing to every player who is interested. Online hyip playing has given players like us a breath of fresh air. Though if you are new to the world of hyip, a word of caution; before you jump in and get your feet wet, which will most likely result in you losing money, it is advisable that you obtain a hyip playing knowledge.

There are a lot of good hyip related community websites that can offer you free news, updates, reviews, and tips on how to play, the basic of playing as well as scam alerts and there are also loads of forums that you can participate for open discussion.

But you know what they say about free information, it often not suitable or enough for you. Therefore, it is advisable that you invest in your own learning process. Learn as much and as quickly as possible, but do not let learning be an obstacle to your playing activities. For instance, you can learn by making trial and error on test spend plans and on normal plans with small amount of initial capital of no more than $20 per hyip.

To better understand how psychology affects the hyip world as a whole, think of it in terms of the way you yourself feel when you are playing on hyip. When a hyip you have joined made pay outs for your first deposit, you are excited, and probably feeling a little greedy. When it begins to show problems such as DDoS attack, website down, delay in pay out, hyip’s egold account being blocked, and other problems, you get scared, and even panicky. And so do a vast majority of players out there, especially those who play as frequent as daily. And how they react to the ups and downs of the hyip world is one of the most important factors in determining the hyip cycles.

Of course when something as complicated and intangible as human psychology begins to havely effect on so many wallets, somebody out there is going to find a way to quantify it. So, there are technical ways to look at the hyip world’s psychology that help players to use it to their advantage. Here is a simple equation to look at it:

Hyip and related event fundamentals + Perception and psychology = Hyip cycle

Along with fundamentals, fear and greed are the prevailing forces behind the movement of the hyip world; the actual state or situation of a hyip is not as important as the way that situation is perceived by the oceans of players out there playing. Players; that are you and me are the ones who determine the hyip cycle. We do this in a few specific ways:

Flight to quality – Any hyip related event that upsets a hyip can cause players to opt for a safer, stronger hyip, causing hot hyips to hike over unstable ones.

Pushing cycles – Since hyip players act as a group, it often happens that players influence the up of the cycle of a particular hyip to be too high or the down of the cycle to be too low. When players begin to see that cycles have been influenced too far, there is a sudden panic to get out or sudden excitement to get in.

Rumor and fact – When a large action or event is announced or expected internationally, the hyip world is often overly affected before that event ever takes place. When the expected event comes to pass, players soon realize that the hyip world is over deposited or over withdrawn. This bit of hyip world psychology can cause a sharp up and down in the hyip world before stabilizing.

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