06 August 2008


5 vital advices when play in hyip

It is true that fortune can be made in the hyip world. However, there are also stories of people losing a large amount of their money. Others who just dive into the hyip world without knowing the basic principles of the game quit after some time, telling themselves that the hyip world does not make anyone any money. You need to first understand the basic principles of the game so that you might enjoy hyip and be successful in the hyip world.

1. Playing in hyip is like a roller coaster ride. Do not jump in unless you can sleep at night with big changes in your portfolio. The biggest advantage of online hyip playing is the huge profits that are made when the cycle goes up. However, this is also conversely true
because huge losses can also be made when the cycles goes down. We can take advantage of this situation by depositing as early as possible and withdrawing as soon as the profit is made although, that it sometimes easier said than done. Profits can only be made during those up moments of the cycle. Ideally we would like to see a long rally where we can just deposit and re deposit, but those are far and few between. During the ups and downs, it is a tough hyip world for beginners and pros.

2. Long time frame or short time frame? You should determine what type of player you are. This question is very important and should be asked by every serious newbie player. Long time frame players hold their deposits for 5 to 10 months. This means they believe in the hyip
they are depositing in. This also means they have extra money for other things because they can afford to put their money in for a long period of time. The advantages of long time frame playing is that they do not have to worry about the fast turning to scam because the ratio of total daily pay outs are far less against the total daily incoming funds
analysis that has to be monitored.

On the other hand, a short time frame players cash in within a weeks time to months time. If you are a short time frame player, one thing that has to be considered is the monitoring of the day to day activities of the hyip. Some players prefer to play short time frame as
they have the time to watch and monitor their hyip portfolio. Look what would have happened to you if you deposited in SolidInvesment or MinInvestment long time frame. You would have lost everything. Both hyip types flashed red signs of doom or scam alert and it was easy to
get out before they collapsed. However, the only one’s who lost were long time frame players as they took longer time just to break even. Another advantage of short time frame is the ability to make a quick profit, get out off hyip when things go bad, and re deposit in better
hyip prospects. This allows players to compound their money.

3. Online hyip playing does not require you to have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can start with as little as $5. However, the commissions from funding and withdrawing or exchanging in and out off the e-currency based payment processor will eat up a lot if
you have a small amount of initial deposit. Also you can’t always be right and you need money to weather the storm. If you have a small amount of initial deposit, wait to do any online hyip playing until the cycles are in rally.

4. You must learn how to minimize your losses and maximize your profits. If you lose 8% on a hyip, you only need to make 9% back on the next one to break even. Well, a 9% profit is not hard to do. On the other hand, if you lose 50% on a hyip, you need to make 100% on the
next one to be even and making a 100% profit is not easy.

5. The hyip world is kind of a rich quick scheme. Always take note of the principle that money takes time to grow. Those games that give you very high rate of return in a very short time frame come with a high degree of risk. Always strive to achieve high returns with
minimal risk. Combine that with short time frame and long time frame playing, can produce some nice returns over the course of a few months or so. If you are like the average person you have probably been working for more than five years, but probably still do not have much
to show for it. Working only allows you to obtain the money to play while it is those hyips with effort, knowledge, and experience that over time will make you wealthy.

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