06 August 2008


7 danger pieces you should not overlook

There is one unquestionable law that every rational hyip player globally have all accepted, and that is cycle of hyips ups and downs depending on the existing players per time. Meaning that hyip cycle ups and downs every now and then due to hyip activities and forces that take place within and outside of the hyip world.

If this is true, then every player must be abreast with certain undercurrent negative and sometimes very dangerous human emotions that lurk around ever ready to pounce on unsuspecting players, leaving behind bitter tales of woes in the mouth of it is victim. Let’s begin to itemize these danger signals or red signals if you like:

1. Ignorance – When a player is ignorant of basic hyip playing skills that affects the changes of the cycles of hyips on the hyip world, they always end up being slaughtered as chickens in the chicken farm.

2. Entry and exit skills – When a player is ignorant of the best time to join a hyip and the best time to exit from such hyip, they end up having their fingers burnt severely. Per time, every hyip has its period of performing well, you must find out the suitable and fitting time to deposit in a hyip. Every hyip has a peak cycle when the saturation point is reached, which means at that point the rising of the hyip cycles begins to dip.

3. Greed – Every player always want more whenever we make profits from our playing and it is human emotional weakness every player must watch.

4. Remember the 80 - 20 rule – The 80 – 20 is used a lot in business and proposals that 80% of your profits come from 20% of your clients. This rule can be applied in many areas of life and in hyip playing it is very applicable and means that you should cut your playing frequency back. Many players think the more they play, the more they will make but the reverse is true. All they do is end up playing games that are not good risk rewards and lose. Wait for the really high odds games and hit them. Some players who play around a few times a month yet make nice amount of profits. Playing less can mean making more for most players so cut back and only hit high odds games.

5. Risk more per hyip – If you are playing high odds hyips then you can risk more on them and make the gain worthwhile. Many experienced players tell you should risk only 2% per game but consider on a small $100 of initial deposit, that’s $2. Look to risk 10% or even 20% on the high odds games and have the courage of your conviction.

6. Do not over diversify – This is fine if you are trading a large account of $5,000 - $10,000, but for small potato players to diversify for the sake of it, does not reduce much risk at all but simply dilutes profits. Focus on a few hyips only and do not dilute its potential.

7. Take profits early or partial profits – On surges in cycle in many instances it is a good idea to take out the overall profit as soon as the hyip plan that you choose is completed or partial profit as the hyip plan that you choose is still running half way but you notice there are some problems with the hyip.

When you play hyip you are immediately at risk and how you control the risk, will determine how good your profits are going to be. You should hit high odds games then, take calculated risks when the time is right and at the same time protect your initial capital.

Money management should be a key area of your hyip knowledge, so learn how to do it correctly and you could soon be on the road to hyip playing success and triple digit gains.

Some players depict that playing in hyip is like an art. Like all art needs to be patient, know the instruments, put our dedication, study, learn, as well as make deposits with an appropriate attitude.

All those who think that the exercise of playing in hyip is an easy and quick way to getting rich not know the hyip world nor know anything about what it means to play.

Playing in hyip involves making and take into account such things as study the hyip world, how it plays, knowing and applied a disciplined game strategy, knowing very well with regard to depositing at the right time on the right hyip, namely to control our emotions to the point of not competing with the realities that we are hyip cycles, namely taking calculated risks, know the stories of behavior hyips and the factors influencing in them, learn to recognize mistakes in time and learn from them, among many other things.

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